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provides over 25 years of marketing and management experience in retail and foodservice.

We have expertise in the following areas:

Development and execution of new products and programs, analysis of market conditions, positioning of products and programs, development of brand and marketing strategies, development of consumer packaged goods, development of printed materials and web sites, planning and execution of trade shows, and management of advertising, design and public relations agencies

We will work with you and your team to develop the blueprint for the success of your brand.








Development and Execution of New Products and Programs
•Evaluation of new products and market potential.
•Evaluation of key features and benefits.
•Finding the best brand and positioning.
•Development of trade dress.
•Development of an introductory promotional plan.
•Assist with execution of the plan.

Analysis of Market Conditions
•Evaluation of organizational core competencies.
•Evaluation of organizational brands and/or products.
•Analysis of current market demand and opportunities.
•Competitive analysis.
•Development of plan to best serve the market.

Product and Program Positoning
•Analysis of current product line and positioning.
•Analysis of market conditions.
•Plan to enhance current position or re-position.
•Assist with execution of plan.

Development of Brand and Marketing Strategies
•Analysis of market conditions and core organizational
   competencies and products.
•Analysis of current brands and product positioning.
•Development of a brand platform.
•Development of a plan to enhance the key components
   of Brand Equity.
•Assist with execution of the plan.

Development of Consumer Packaged Goods.
•Evaluation of products and brand value proposition.
•Evaluation of market conditions.
•Identification of key features and benefits.
•Development of trade dress options.
•Identification of trade dress.
•Copywriting and technical package development.
•Submission of print ready packaging design.
•Assist with the printing and packaging process.

Development of Printed Materials and Web Sites
•Development and execution of brochures, flyers, sell sheets
   or advertising that effectively presents company, brand
   and products.
•Development and execution of a web site that accurately positions   your company and brand and serves as a sales tool for your   products and services.

Planning and Execution of Trade Shows
•Develop and annual trade show plan that best fits your
   product offering.
•Develop trade show materials to best present and position
   your products or services.
•Development and execution of individual trade show plans.
•On-site management of trade shows.

Management of Advertising, Design and Public Relations Agencies
•Evaluation and selection of the right agency.
•Development of the agency plan.
•Meeting management to ensure all stakeholders provide input.
•Execution of the Agency plan to ensure that all obligations are met.
•Evaluation of the results.

Have a great product or service that you can’t seem to move to the next level?
Need assistance in developing a marketing strategy and plan?

Want to develop a retail package line but do not have the internal resources or expertise to drive the process?

Need to develop printed materials that accurately present the essence and passion of your brand value?

Growing Brands That Last